Wickham Hall Fire

On June 27th 2007 Wickham Hall suffered terrible damage from a fire which completely destroyed the roof whilst the subsequent rubble and water damage from the fire fighters caused major problems.

The planned pantomime had to be cancelled but although the members of West Wickham Pantomime Society may have been disheartened they were not beaten by this disaster. After the builders had cleared the site in order to make the area safe, volunteers including the Trustees and many other people connected with the Halls, helped sort through the wreckage to salvage apparatus, clean and make good the affected areas.

Following lengthy discussions with insurers! the re-building work began and by April 2009 the new roof was completed but extensive interior refurbishment continued.

Wickham Hall re-opened on 1 September 2009.

Hall Fire Photo Gallery

The Main Hall

Clearing the Stage

Lighting and Sound all ruined through water damage

The remains of the stage steps!

Looking up at the sky from inside

The burnt frame of the roof

The corridor covered in roof tiles

At least the fire-proof flats didn't go up in smoke!

The floor lifted due to the heavy rain

Some of the Pantomime Society who helped - greatly appreciated!

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